bubble sweets
bubble sweets
candy party
Left to right; candy party, candylove, candy pills, eye candy
Left to right; candylove, candypills, eye candy
Left to right; candycopia,  candyass
Left to right; candylove, candycopia, candyass
candy coated nothings
Right to left; candy coated nothings, then he pulled out a plum, mask of sweetness
Right to left; eye candy, candy pills, candylove
 eye candy
 sugar blindness
then he pulled out a plum
Left to right; mask of sweetness, then he pulled out a plum, candy coated nothings
mask of sweetness
Left to right; angry little man, droopy, sweet hungry
angry little man
sweet hungry
chewy swirls
chewy swirls
sweet dreams baby
sweet appetite
candy tears
sugar feast
sweet insides
sweet mania
sometimes I will wonder if I may have my cake and eat it too
you are what you eat
sugar bomb
sugar feeding
follow the monkey
sugar filled emptiness
on my way to candy mountain
the sweetness of it all
the sweetend
feed me
the sweet hollow center
little miss good n plenty
sometimes I might think that I should try harder, but then I think that this is more than enough
bubbly gummy
sugar sickness
headless wonders
precarious structure
high dosage
hollow party
the constipated negotiators
another stupid angry white man
dumb happy
mister sad sorry ass
turbulent sweetness
sweet and fattened
garbage head
like a fish out of water
blue lick
dog faced boy
turd II (the big turd)
turd III
I stepped in shit today
turd I
sweet world
sugar spinner
sugar bear
sugar seizure
candy maker
yummy shot
yummy chewy roll
sugar punch
sugar drip
sugar fluffy
sweet head
falling sugar sprinkles
sweet frosting
candy coated love petals
honey sweet kisses
pink sweet
pinky love bites
sweet rainbow spot
sweet nothings
 72”x 60”, acrylic, latex, spray paint, paint maker, paint fragments on canvas, 2018.
the deciders of our future
 40"x 50", acrylic, latex, spray paint, paint marker, paint fragments, canvas fragments on canvas, 2014-19.
 44"x 40", acrylic, latex, spray paint, paint marker, paint fragments on canvas, 2014-19.
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