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A one person exhibition located at The University of Michigan, North Campus Research Center, consisting of several paintings from September thru December of 2018.  The Opening Reception is planned for Thursday, September 20, from 5-7pm...all are welcome. My statement for the exhibition follows;

We are incessantly bombarded with images and like some intoxicating sweet candy they, tempt, tease, distract, fill us up and pacify, if only for a moment. The glut of images mirror and determine our cultural anatomy, and are as damaging as the sugary junk that we consume with its ill effect on the body and mind.  Perhaps a constant spoon feeding of meaningless images has desensitized us to beauty and also caused a decay within ourselves...such are excesses of late capitalism.

Painting slows down the ingestion of images; it involves time to consider the viscous, gooey substance of paint itself and its meaning in relation to an image. The polysemantic nature of paint appeals to the body and also the mind. As I paint, the infinitesimal transforms into the astronomical and then back again – the origins of life; benign, or malignant cells and microorganisms; anatomical systems, structures and fluids; celestial bodies; the universe as a living organism; an expression of the interconnectedness of all things - I become a child in a candy shop with a sugar buzz as I consider the infinite possibilities - and I suck them all in.

I devour the world with my eyes and I am altered in some way by what I see. Affecting the cells and chemistry of my body, images flare externally and internally feeding my hungering brain in a constant flow - my body absorbs images and they become part of me - paint feeds thought and thought becomes action. Thoughtful action is the means for change. My pupils dilate to take in more; I feel alive in a heightened state of awareness. I feel my heart race as desire shapes what I see. Color triggers a tasty reaction in the back of the throat that originates in the gut - Painting begins in the body.

My work is about the numerous sensations and reactions that originate inside me that are stimulated by the suggestion of imagery while I paint; each painting is a visual record of a self perpetuating imagery/sensation/reaction system that is consuming and immersive. I sift through my visual memories and imagination; the material of paint and the act of painting conjures and sustains this process. I let intuition, spontaneity, humor and the mutability of paint lead me along. My paintings go through much reworking, and it’s paramount that such alterations are visible as a sign of continuous nourishment, assimilation and excretion, a life and death, that is inherent to each painting and the workings of an expansive inner world that is essential to being.

Earlier Event: February 18
Curator/Artist Presentation